All About Basil

Show Dog



Name: Eleganser Behaving Badly aka Basil
Breed: Great Dane
Hometown: Gold Coast
Birthday: 10th April 2016

Describe your day: Annoying my big bro Baxter, digging holes, doing zoomies and spying on the neighbours by peeking over the fence.

Favourite food: I'm fussy but I like to pretend I want food then spit it out.

Favourite treats: duck or chicken jerky.

Favourite outing: I love going to grandmas house, she has a stinky pond and lots of room to run around.

Any weird habits you or others have noted? I have an eyeball fetish. When I meet people, I like to stick my nose in their eye and give it a good sniffin'.

Points achieved at show comps? Over 100 so far !

Your show goals over the next few years? well I have achieved my Australian Champion title this year so I need to think about whats next? hmm maybe my mummy will just let me go back to lots of zoomies in the loungeroom !