All About Paige Barratt

Show rider


Rider Profile:  Paige Barratt
Place of Birth: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Hometown: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Date of Birth: 3rd January 2004

Main Discipline: Show Horse and Pony Club where we compete in all disciplines.

Favourite Place: Riding along the Beach with friends.

Describe your average day: I am lucky to have my Mum do most of the morning routine with
the horses before school, while I get myself and my brothers sorted for the day. Then before
we leave they get walked out to their paddocks. Afternoons I come home have a little down
time then get horses in and ride, sometimes just one sometimes both, then its into stables, re-
rug, and feed. Once big ones are done we get the Minis in and have a run around with them
they like to have a play. Then inside for Homework.

What do you do on your day off? Most weekends are spent out at competitions, training clinics
or Pony Club. Days we are not out, there is always plenty of jobs to do at home!

Your Horses:

1. SilverLeaf Late August Blues (Gus)
Is a 14.1 3/4hh 12yr old Bay Riding Pony, he will be my main horse for this year. I have only
had him since December and we are still working each other out. He has previously been a
Dressage horse and is now getting use to life as a Allrounder and is enjoying the variety. 

2. Kennallywood Charles Chauvel (Charlie)
Is a 13.3hh 7yr old Bay Arabian Riding Pony. He has been my Competition horse for the last
few years.  He had just been broken in when we bought him and over time has grown into a
great little pony. He is a real character that is admired everywhere he goes. 

3. I also have a young Galloway and 2 miniatures.

Best thing about your horses: Is having them at home, They all have different but equally
quirky personalities. I love walking up to the stables and hearing them whinny waiting for
attention. It’s so rewarding putting the training in at home and then going out to compete and
see how our progress is going. I love that having horses opens up new friendships with people
I see out and about.

2019 Horse Goals: I have set myself a few goals for this year are -

  • starting with Toowoomba Royal which is coming up very soon. I would like to come home with a top 5 place in our classes.

  • Next big one I am hoping for is State Pony Club Dressage and Combined Training in July, A top 5 place would be great. We have recently bought a truck, so we can travel a bit further for the Agricultural shows.

  • I would also like to get to some of the Interschool competitions this year, as we always seem to run out of weekends free to attend them.

  • Then Final one is to get the young Galloway started on his Newcomer year after July.

Biggest Achievements to date: I have been lucky enough to have some great ponies and we
have had many Achievements, Bringing on a young horse has meant that things were scaled
back for a while but we were always in the Champion Lineup at shows. Winning the Arabian
costume class for 3 years in a row was exciting as the crowd love to see this class doing the
lap of honour. 2015 I received both our Club and our Zone ‘Horse and Rider of the Year’ on a
Pony I had Abbey, 2017 I was awarded ‘Horse and Rider of the Year’ for our club again this
time on Charlie which was a good feeling to know how far he had come.